• Are you a mother who is yearning to express your creative side and awaken your intuitive nature?

  • Are you looking to live more authentically instead of defining yourself only as a mother?

  • Would you like to be part of a creative, intuitive, and spiritual group of mothers who all desire a more authentic life, both personally and professionally?

I’m a mother, but who am I really?” If you’ve been struggling with that question, you’re exactly where you need to be!

Through a sacred, beautiful, and rich journey of self-discovery, you’ll be introduced to your Inner Goddess – that authentic voice within you who has the answers to your deepest questions and who is waiting to guide you into the fullest expression of yourself.

Journaling by the Moonlight is a unique blend of creativity, spirituality, and journal writing and it’s designed to take you on an inner journey of self-exploration that’s both enlightening and empowering. Working with the phases of the moon, you’ll embark on a path of spiritual and creative transformation in a variety of areas in your life. The moon holds much wisdom, and in using its phases to guide you on your journey, you can far exceed what you ever thought was possible. Your dreams become reality as your life synchronistically falls into place, flowing beautifully with the ebb and flow of mother nature.

Through this highly-creative and truly magical journal writing process, you’ll:

  • Be guided on a path of self-discovery, self-empowerment, and self-fulfillment.
  • Experience life with purpose, passion, and creative expression.
  • Map out a bigger vision for yourself in the world around you.
  • Define yourself by who you are deep inside, instead of by what you do.
  • Discover how to bring your inner expression out in everything you do so that even your role as a mother (and beyond!) will be renewed and transformed for the better.

When was the last time you took some time for yourself, exploring your deepest desires?

The truth is – when Mom is authentically fulfilled, she is better at everything she does.

Allow yourself to shine by empowering the full moon within you.

Come join me on the journey of a lifetime!