Journal Writing

What is Journaling?

“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.”
~ Christina Baldwin

Are you feeling stuck? Or perhaps you’re contemplating a new creative project or a new life direction? Or maybe you’re trying to make a decision between two career opportunities – or whether or not to start a new business?

During times of deliberation or when you’re facing a creative block, journal writing can help. It can be a powerful way to connect with your authentic self and your core beliefs. It can also help you see the many options that will lead you to a bigger vision.

Journal writing is a form of therapeutic writing. It’s the process of chronicling those many thoughts that are swirling around in your head – with no worries of being censored.

From our poetry to our music to our storytelling, writing what we see, think and feel has always had therapeutic value. Our entire history as humans comes from thousands of years of artists, writers and cave dwellers taking the time to record their perceptions of life at the time.


A journal (or a diary) is a place to record everyday happenings and/or thoughts and feelings. It can be a tool for self-discovery, a place to brainstorm ideas, a safe space to release emotions, or an aid to help with concentration and overwhelm.

Journal writing can also be a tool for spiritual growth. As the words pour out onto the paper, it can reveal inner guidance that can help the journal writer make sense out of various scenarios and give some order to her life. It can provide awareness of patterns and offer perspective on the decisions that lie ahead. It can also help clarify beliefs and provide a safe place for self-expression.

Through your journal, you can process your thoughts and hear the advice and encouragement of your wisest, most loving self. The act of writing things down makes thinking much clearer. It’s like taking all of the rambling thoughts out of the mental file and dumping them onto the page to sort out – line by line.

Writing slows down your thoughts and allows you to think more clearly and to process with more clarity. And by writing in your journal, it can help you focus your mind with laser-like accuracy. Slowing down your mind through writing enables you to clearly hear the voice of your soul.

So if you feel yourself stalling, pull out your journal and dump out the mental clutter. Don’t worry about making sense. Just dump it all out onto the page. Then sit with your jumbled thoughts for a few minutes. Read over them a couple of times.

What jumps out at you?

Ponder it for a moment. Then just write – and see where the words take you!

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